Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whovian doesn't even begin to describe it.

Last year I made a simple mistake; listening to a friend who recommended a British television show to me. It was on Netflix, so it was free and she told me to at least watch a few of the episodes (in order, of course) before making any judgments.

Here I am in the 7th season (having crammed 6 seasons all within a few month period) waiting for each episode to show up on my husband's xbox account.  It's been painful. Sweet, painful bliss. 

With any fan of any genre of geekery, it seems like it's almost always a requirement to be 100% committed to your love of that show. I hope I never disappoint when it comes to Doctor Who. I have loved each regeneration of The Doctor more than the last. (Even though I am only on 3 as I have yet to watch the earlier seasons of the awesomesauce that is Doctor Who.)

I have been signing up for swaps on craftster and it has given me an outlet for my love of Doctor Who.  I wanted to share a few.

I am an embroidery addict and I have had the wonderful opportunity to send my creative work all over the world. I made this hoop back in August 2012 and it now resides in France. She swapped a cute little french knot bunny that now hangs in my stairwell.

This is a holiday tree ornament that I made this past December 2012. This wasn't for a swap, but I did make it as a potential option for the ornament swap. I ended up swapping amigurumi snowmen. It's painted on stretch canvas and has a glow in the dark bead on top. I loved adding a TARDIS to my tree, and my girls loved it too!

This hoop was really fun to stitch up. I love how the Dalek turned out and I even gave him a TARDIS blue mug for his coffee. It was inspired by one of my swap partner's favorite quotes.

This one was just shipped off to New England. It's all satin, split and back stitching. I added beads to accent it as well. I used a blue satin floss in the same color for the whole thing.
It was really hard to part with. In fact, all my Doctor Who crafts have been tough to let go of, but each time I get a Whovian for a swap partner, I know that I am going to truly enjoy crafting for them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I simply adore this! I was stalking the Doctor Who swap gallery and saw your Allons-y hoop and followed onto your blog and oh my goodness this is epic! I couldnt resist complimenting you on that. Its gorgeous! You captured 10 perfectly in this! Great work

  2. Thank you so much! I have been having so much fun with embroidering lately.