Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Bounce New Castle

Being new to a state and region of the country makes it tough for families to find things to do. Thank the stars for groupon because it has helped me immensely.We have purchased a few groupons over the course of the past 4 years and it has given us the opportunity to not only find fun places that we may otherwise have not known about, but if we didn't end up liking the place, we weren't out too much money.

We recently went to Big Bounce in New Castle. I was afraid that it would be one bounce house in someone's garage, because that's just how I think. But I was pleasantly surprised. They have 5 bounce houses set up in a large warehouse type room and one is only for children 4 and under. The entire area is matted and there is a place for parents to sit. Just outside the berm, but in the same room, they have tables and a small arcade.

While we were there, they popped some free popcorn and we purchased $1 juice pouches for the kids. Our girls played for two straight hours! They had a bunch of fun. I got to sit and embroider and my husband played around on his phone. I would have worn socks if I had known that parents are welcome in the bounce houses as well.

We had an afternoon of fun and my children have asked to go back already.  Make sure you bring socks and be prepared for thirsty children!

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