Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Adventure to Metamora, Indiana.

There's a small town in Southern Indiana that is so sweet and quaint. It's an 1800's town called Metamora and we had a chance to go there for Mother's Day a few years back.

We started our adventure in Connersville, Indiana. We decided to take a scenic train ride down on the Whitewater Valley Railroad. It was a chilly day, but they had a cute store and museum areas for us to wait for the train.  Since it was a Mother's Day trip, we splurged and spent the extra money to ride in the caboose.
The girls climbed up to look out of the higher windows. It was nice because we shared the caboose with the Railroad employee and an older couple. My only regret was that we couldn't hear the 'tour' on the way down. It sounded like the conductor was pointing out places of interest during the trip, but the sound connection wasn't the greatest. Which was nice on the way home, because my youngest was able to nap in silence. ;)

We ate lunch in the sweetest little place, owned by the sweetest couple. The town has a few different places to eat, shop and explore.
My girls loved running across bridges, looking at the ducks and sitting on all the cute benches.

There is a Grist Mill to explore, which is powered by a waterwheel.

Part of the charm of going to Metamora is that pieces of the 1800's canal are still intact. You can see remnants on the train trip down, and a large intact section is still used today for horse pulled boat rides. The horses were so sweet.

We visited a few antique shops, a few candy shops and had so much fun. We brought home hand made fudge and a few items that I had to have. It was a wonderful Mother's Day excursion and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun day trip. Metamora has festivals and holiday events. Whitewater Valley Railroad also puts on special train events throughout the year.

We will be going again soon!

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